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Founded in 1993, Tri-Y Environmental Research Institute is a high-tech company based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The company has been actively participating in R&D projects in collaboration with NRC (the National Research Council Canada) and UBC (the University of British Columbia). The company has been developing new technologies in the areas of water and wastewater treatment as well as pulp & paper.

The company is committed to providing customers with sophisticated technologies to treat industrial and municipal wastewater, and overcome the tough problems in pitch/stickies control of pulp and paper process.

The company has a team of technical professionals who possess top notch expertise and experience in pulp and paper, environmental technology, water treatment, mechanical and chemical engineering, and R&D.

The company's technologies and services will benefit a variety of industries such as pulp and paper mills, leathering, printing and dyeing mills, hotels and restaurants, oil refineries, as well as the municipal water treatment facilities.

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