The University of British Columbia
R&D Projects
R&D The company's on-going R&D projects in the areas of wastewater treatment, energy-savings and pulp & paper include:
1 P30 enhanced biological process in wastewater treatment.
In Trickling Filters and aerobic processes applying P30 to enhance bio reaction to improve efficiency (application of E/F&P in bio aeration process).
2 Micro entrapment to accelerate bio reaction in aeration.
A new mechanism in wastewater treatment - micro entrapment - by increased "contact time" between sludge particles and contaminants to improve efficiency.
3 Improved retention and formation by P30 - dispersion mechanism.
E/F&P mechanism and dispersion mechanism are developed and extended to use in paper machines to increase fines and filler retention.
4 Energy savings in accelerating bio reaction by micro entrapment.
Micro entrapment in BMR systems can reduce aeration time in biological reaction, consequently save energy consumption.
5 Energy savings enhanced by temperature control materials.
Energy savings and renewable energy are big issues nowadays due to shortage of energy resources in the world. The company is developing new temperature control materials (TCM) and technologies to save energy in industrial systems as well as in domestic space heating and hot water systems, and reduce emission of green house gas.
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